by Ranu Basu, Elwood Jimmy, Shawn Micallef, Bojana Videkanic

This digital publication is based on the exhibition Unsettling, curated by Bojana Videkanic and presented at the Doris McCarthy in the summer and fall of 2017, as well as Videkanic’s spring 2017 residency project Unsettled at Guild Park and Gardens, both involving artists Basil AlZeri, Lori Blondeau, Duorama (Paul Couillard & Ed Johnson), Terrance Houle, and Lisa Myers. Using these two projects as a starting point, the Unsettling catalogue features texts by Ranu Basu, Elwood Jimmy, Shawn Micallef, and Bojana Videkanic that explore the work of the artists and the cultural landscape of Scarborough, alongside exhibition and residency documentation; archival images of Guild Park and Gardens from the Breithaupt Hewetson Clark Collection, Special Collections & Archives, University of Waterloo Library; and photographs of Scarborough – past and present. Unsettling offers subtle and not so subtle gestures of reversal, of questioning, of disturbance, inviting viewers to pause and think about the space and place they occupy.