Supported by Equity & Diversity in the Arts, Dept. of Arts, Culture & Media

The DMG is excited to host WaveArtCollective in-residence for 2021.

WaveArtCollective is producing a three-part auditory series, The Space Between Waves. Each episode will centre around a different, Scarborough-focused theme: history and time; geography and space; and culture and identity. The series will be a sound-based, experimental blend of historical accounts, musical scores and interludes, artist performances, interviews from community members and academics, and an overarching narrative of conversational skits that tie the themes of each episode and the series together.


WaveArtCollective is an interdisciplinary group of artists, educators, academics, and mobilizers creating art and educational programming to foster Scarborough’s creative scene.

Growing up in an environment that was starved of artistic opportunities, the Collective's interactions as a group began in elementary school, where their collective yearning for an educational creative outlet led them to create comedic videos and raps for class assignments. In the two decades since those initial interactions, their post-secondary academic experiences and self-directed artistic careers have cultivated a collective ethos that art, education, and advocacy form the basis of community growth. Thus, Wave Art Collective was conceived to serve as a conduit to drive arts opportunity and infrastructure in Scarborough.

The Collective includes: Sampreeth Rao, Amandeep Sandhu, Kevin Ramroop, Kahlil Hernandez, Masooma Ali, Raj Mann, Deena Nina, and Fazan Baig.