Waard Ward Collective

UTSC Farm Artist-in-Residence

In collaboration with the UTSC Farm

The Doris McCarthy Gallery has partnered with the UTSC Farm to offer a land-based residency to Waard Ward art collective. The collective comprises of Toronto’s Syrian newcomer community members Hanen Nanaa, Shoruk Alsakni, and Abd Al-Mounim; artist Petrina Ng; and educators Patricia Ritacca and Laura Ritacca. A florist for over a decade in Aleppo, Abd came to Canada with his family six years ago as refugees. Originally formed to formed to support their settlement and create meaningful work opportunities, Waard Ward works as a social practice collective, offering community-collaborative art projects inspired by floristry and gardening from a decolonial lens. The collective has planted edible roses in the IC Rooftop Garden and the UTSC Farm, offering gathering space and experience of contemporary public art. This project refers to a community’s memory of lost or destroyed public gardens in Syria and the Middle East, and will build towards an exhibition at the DMG the winter of 2024.