Natalie Asumeng

DMG Educator-in-Residence

Artist Natalie Asumeng is participating in a three-month residency at the Doris McCarthy Gallery, researching, planning and creating programming for the exhibition Nostalgia Interrupted with a focus on the lived experiences of BIPOC communities.


Natalie Asumeng is a Ghanaian-Canadian fine artist based in Toronto, working under the alias of 135 Studio. Her practice centres heavily on the genre of conceptual/ contemporary art. She creates and photographs environmental sets and organic sculptures. Natalie also produces soundscapes that thrust listeners into experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, allowing them to dive into their inner thoughts. Concept is important in Natalie’s work; everything is structured and has meaning, mainly through the element of design of form and colours.


The Doris McCarthy Gallery Educator-in-Residence Program provides an emerging arts professional with mentorship and resources in order to research, plan, and implement a schedule of programs and outreach for specific exhibitions and audiences. Residents will advance their own creative practice, challenging both themselves and Gallery visitors to engage with art in new and innovative ways.