DoorTODoor is a Toronto dance collective that delivers dances to doorsteps, parking lots and courtyards of seniors living in isolation. Through sharing acts of dancing, DoorTODoor brings joy, care and attention to those living in long-term care homes, which have been so significantly impacted by COVID-19. Expressing art as joy and sharing dance with those in vulnerable situations has brought DoorTODoor to ask: 

How can we spend time with elders and create spaces for intergenerational exchanges through and with the institution of aging and without assumptions?

What can movement, touch and dancing do with and for the aging body both our own and others?

Is dancing ageless?

Choreography, music selections, costumes and styling are selected to create an experience that is accessible to many. DoorTODoor creates work with venue and adaptability in mind. They are working towards ease, connection and centre the experience of a very particular audience -- one that does not have easy access to art, and is underserved for artistic experiences, yet needs art more than ever.

During the residency with the Doris McCarthy Gallery, DoorTODoor will have the opportunity to further explore the ideas that inform their practice, connect with faculty whose research relates to gerontology and health and wellness, consider ways to deepen their performances through intergenerational and intercultural exchange, and build relationships with long-term care homes in Scarborough.

DoorTODoor Dances includes Jenn Goodwin, Sarah Doucet, Kate Nankervis & Zoja Smutny. 

With guests: Tina Fushell, Viv Moore, Christy Stoeten, Robert Kingsbury & GO LEFT Creative (Onika Powell and Akua Delfish) and Swansea School of Dance.