Online program
  • March 9, 2021 - 12 – 1 pm

Revitalization of Culture: Indigenous Artist Share

Presented by the Office of Indigenous Engagement, U of T Scarborough, in collaboration with the Doris McCarthy Gallery

Join U of T Scarborough Indigenous Engagement Coordinator Juanita Muise for a talk with Indigenous artists from across Canada, sharing their stories of cultural revitalization and the role it plays in their practice. Indigenous Canadians for generations have fought for their traditions in the wake of attempted assimilation and systemic oppression. This program will celebrate and recognize the work of Indigenous artists who are keeping alive cultural practices and taking action for 7 generations to come. Presented in collaboration with the Doris McCarthy Gallery.


Naulaq LeDrew is a multidisciplinary Inuk artist, performer, throat singer, painter, caver and seamstress originally hailing from Apex, Nunavut. Although LeDrew has made Toronto home for the past 30 years, she continues to create Inuk inspired art, and shares her cultural stories and knowledge as an elder based at U of T Scarborough, while giving educational presentations on Inuit culture. A creative all her life, LeDrew credits her godmother as her earliest artistic inspiration and first teacher in the arts.

Scott Butt is a multidisciplinary Mi’kmaq artist from Flat Bay Brook, Newfoundland. Butt specializes in woodcarvings using natural materials harvested locally from the land. His practice is wide-ranging – he also makes traditional hand drums using scraped moose hides, intricate beadwork, moccasins, woven baskets from tree roots, as well as canoes and custom furniture using Indigenous themes and folklore.