Online program
  • July 23, 2021

DMG @ Camp U of T Scarborough

A week of artist-led public programming for children, with Heidi Cho and Morgan Sea, Rachel MacFarlane, Ebti Nabag, Wave Art Collective, and Zhan Zhang

As part of Camp U of T Scarborough, the DMG has developed a program of daily visual arts sessions for children, led by artists Heidi Cho and Morgan Sea, Rachel MacFarlane, Ebti Nabag, Wave Art Collective, and Zhan Zhang. Using a playful approach to viewing and making art, campers will be introduced to a variety of media, including photography, painting, papercutting, and cartooning and illustration.

There are sessions for two age groups: (session 1) ages 5-8 and (session 2) ages 9-12.

A list of the materials required for each day of the program will be sent to participants in advance.

Register through Camp U of T Scarborough – for more information, full camp schedule, and program rates, visit


Drawing and Comics with Heidi Cho and Morgan Sea

Heidi and Morgan are Toronto-based artists, illustrators, and comic book makers. In this workshop, participants will learn some neat tips on how to draw and make their own comics. H+M will lead kids through fun drawing exercises, and learn tools for self expression, while making their own self-portraits and comic strips!

Collage and Painting with Rachel MacFarlane

Session 1:

Artist Rachel MacFarlane works primarily in painting, collage, and digital animation. In this workshop, she will lead participants through observation and play with the sculptural qualities of paper. Using construction and found paper, kids will experiment with different ways to create sculptural forms. They will play with constructing negative and positive shapes to compile a 3-D design on an illustration board.

Session 2:

In this workshop, Rachel MacFarlane will lead participants through the use of water-based paints and watercolor paper to construct a stacked paper scene, exploring depth through collage and painting.  Similar to animated cells, stacked painted paper will be used to construct spatial depth from background to foreground. 

Paper Cutting with Zhan Zhang

Zhan Zhang is a papercut artist who specializes in hand-cut 3D paper sculptures that mimic natural plants, fungus and insects. In this workshop, she will teach campers how to hand cut paper mushrooms.

Photography with Ebti Nabag

Session 1:

Ebti Nabag is an artist who works with photography, video, and installation. In this workshop, she will teach participants about how different vantage points can communicate the way they see the world around them. Kids will explore the various angles they can use to capture one object, and describe how they used different vantage points to express their perspective. 

Session 2:

In this workshop, Ebti Nabag will lead participants through the process of editing 2-3 images using the online editing software Photopea (a similar software to Photoshop). Students will work with adjustment layers, blending modes, and mimic double exposure effects to enhance, and manipulate their images.

Mixed media and Origami with Wave Art Collective

Session 1:

Aman and Raj of the Wave Art Collective will lead participants through the construction of a pop-up book for their future selves. Using a variety of techniques and media, kids will visually represent their goals, ambitions, and dreams across the pages of their crafted book.

Session 2:

Aman and Raj from the Wave Art Collective lead participants through a guided crafting program, where kids will make their own dimensional folded paper artworks.