January 17 – March 9, 2008


Works by David Batchelor, Tim Bavington, ChanSchatz, Andy Collins, Karin Davie, Jim Isermann, Rachel Lachowicz, Jim Lambie, Joseph Marioni, Mariko Mori, Roxy Paine,  Linda Stark, Lisa Stefanelli, Jessica Stockholder & Sue Williams
Curated by Louis Grachos & Ann MacDonald

Exhibition organized by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York

Paragons is a dynamic look at the wide spectrum of contemporary abstract art being made today. Featuring works recently acquired by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the exhibition celebrates their exemplary collection of cutting-edge abstraction by some of today’s leading practitioners, reflecting a legacy of modernist abstraction through the lens of contemporary art.

From David Batchelor’s warehouse dollies, which become frames for coloured light, to Roxy Paines’ machine-made paintings, to Karin Davie’s swooping, undulating stripes, the artists in Paragons approach and interpret abstraction from a number of different perspectives. The innovative use of new materials in painting and sculpture demonstrates the myriad ways in which the ideas, issues, and visual strategies of abstract art are being reinvented and renewed in today’s world.

Located in Buffalo, NY, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery is one of the oldest public arts organizations in the United States and has an international reputation as an outstanding centre of modern art. The gallery focuses especially on contemporary art, with an active commitment to taking a global and multidisciplinary approach to its presentation, interpretation, and collection.